What Are The Benefits of Using Red Dot Sights?

What Are The Benefits of Using Red Dot Sights?

Though certainly not just for beginning shooters, red dot sights, also called red dot optics, are an invaluable tool to strengthen and refine aim. Their first application was, of course, one of necessity – seen predominantly on battlefields and in marksmanship competitions. The two main benefits are accuracy and speed – with a red dot sight, you can pin your target more quickly and accurately than with iron sights and even magnified optics. What exactly is a red dot sight and how can it help you become a better shooter? Let’s take a look.

To understand how a red dot sight can be beneficial, it helps to know exactly what it is and what it does. In the simplest of terms, a red dot sight is a mechanism that provides a holographic red dot. A red light-emitting diode (LED) reflects off of an angled piece of glass, which, in turn, emits a bright, focused red point wherever you aim it.

Shooting isn’t as easy as point and pull. When aiming a gun, we actually have to shift our focus back and forth between multiple points in order to get an accurate hit. Without the help of optics, our eyes bounce between focus on the target and the front sight – all while ensuring that the rear notch is properly aligned. Even for seasoned shooters, this can prove to be taxing and quickly exhausts the eyes. Enter your red dot sights.

This tactical innovation mitigates the need to shift your focus and deal with the inevitable blurring of one of the three points of focus. With red dot sights, you can aim with both eyes open. What could be better than that simplicity? Dot the target, aim, and then shoot.

Now, there are many models you can choose, from the uber-simple to sights with all the bells and whistles. It’s worth mentioning that even though many shooters use optics for rifles, they can also be found on handguns and shotguns. Arc-Defense red dot sights offer up compact size without compromising power. The rugged, waterproof AD-11 Red-Dot Sight (LINK HERE) boasts adjustable brightness with a digital switch so you always get your perfect shot. We give you the best of both worlds – quality and affordability.


Red dot sights are a fantastic way to crush the learning curve if you’re a beginner, but even if you’re a seasoned shooter, adding optics can boost your speed and accuracy. With multiple benefits, economical price point, and plain old practicality, there’s no reason not to add optics to your tactical toy box.


Note: All Red dot’s sold by Arc-Defense include a warranty that can be found on the items product page.


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