EDC packs, what should I have with me?


                                                  What Should I Carry in My EDC Pack?

When it comes down to it, you never know what life is going to hand you. From medical emergencies to a sudden change in the weather, and EDC kit is there to keep you prepared for life’s unexpected moments. Don’t confuse an EDC pack for a bug out bag, which is intended to hold items geared towards a survival or escape scenario. When deciding on what to pack out in your EDC, focus on essentials to carry you through everyday situations. It doesn’t matter if you have an expensive multi-tool or a cheap but trusty flashlight; your gear is only good if it’s there and ready when you need it the most.

Your EDC gear is ultimately personal to your situation and location. For example, a rural location may require different gear than you might need in an urban setting. There are, however, some universal things you may want to consider when deciding what to put in your pack:

● First Aid Equipment
● Personal Protection Equipment
● Cell Phone Charger
● Batteries/Rechargeable
● Lighter and/or Waterproof Matches
● Multi-tool
● Paper (Waterproof, if possible) and Pen
● Waterproof Flashlight
● Safety Pin/Bobby Pin/Paper Clip
● Water
● Food/Protein Bars
● Extra Ammo if Carrying a firearm
● Gloves, especially during the winter
● Extra clothing depending on region, and season

Some of these items are self-explanatory, but some such as First Aid Equipment can be so expansive that they require a closer look.

First Aid Equipment

There isn’t an EDC pack big enough to be prepared for every medical emergency we may come across. Instead, focus on carrying minimal, lightweight supplies. Butterfly bandages, standard Band-Aids, medical tape, tourniquet, super glue, antiseptic cream, pain relievers, and antihistamines are all good examples of what to carry in a basic first aid kit. If you suffer from low blood sugar, you may even consider carrying a few snacks just in case you feel your blood sugar begin to tank.

Personal Protection Equipment

This isn’t just limited to your handgun. Pocket knives, mace, and even a steel barrel pen are invaluable tools if you should happen upon a situation that calls you to defend yourself. Should you find yourself in cuffs (not in the hands of law enforcement), with a little knowledge, a safety pin, bobby pin, or paperclip can help you slip out of a potentially dire situation.

One of the worst things you can do is over pack your EDC kit with useless junk because when it comes time to act quickly, you’ll have to sift through all of those items to access what you need at the moment. Pare down to the essentials to keep your pack lightweight and all of your tools right where you need them and you’ll never have to worry about fumbling around when responding to an emergency.