Bring Gunshots to a Dull Roar on the Range: Electronic Hearing Protection

It’s no secret that over time, exposure to firearms can cause hearing loss, but with the overwhelming options for ear protection it can be difficult to know which is the right choice for you. Hearing loss and damage can begin at decibels as low as 85 decibels, especially in cases of repeated and prolonged exposure. For reference, 85 decibels is not quite as loud as a food blender. Nearly all firearms create a noise that exceeds the 140dB level. If you spend a lot of time in the range or out in the field hunting, electronic ear protection can save you from some major hearing damage down the road.


A range of hearing issues can occur if you forego hearing protection. You may have trouble hearing softer speech sounds like “s” or “th” and certain pitches may be become nearly impossible to hear. Tinnitus, a phenomena that causes a constant phantom ringing or buzzing sound in one’s ears, can also be spurred on by repeated exposure to loud noises.

Electronic earmuffs allow you to compress the sound of gunshots and other loud noise to a safe level without shutting noise off completely. When choosing electronic ear muffs, there are a few factors to keep in mind. Comfort, of course, is high up on the list because if they don’t fit correctly you’ll be less inclined to where your ear protection. Bulkier models may get the job done, but if you enjoy firing rifles you may find that it interferes with your cheek weld. Similarly choosing ear cups that sit at a comfortable level for you is important. Adjustable volume allows you to adjust the volume in either ear to suit your preferences. Some models even have an audio jack so your trip to the range become the ultimate relaxing experience. Arc Defense takes all of these factors and much more into account for you, our electronic earmuffs are comfortable, durable, effective, and ANSI certified.


For many recreational and professional shooters, electronic ear protection far surpasses simple foam plugs. Electronic earmuffs allow you to hear commands on the range or have a conversation with friends. With Arc Defense’s affordable, comfortable model there’s no reason to go without ear protection. It doesn’t matter if you’re an instructor, recreationist, or career shooter. If you spend time exposed to repetitive gun shots, you need electronic hearing protection because your hearing is a sound investment.