Range time’s healthy!


The Top 5 Health Reasons Why You Should Go To The Shooting Range

Whether you’re looking for a new recreational hobby, or are interested in learning the mechanics of firearms today, visiting the shooting range is an incredibly invigorating and stress-relieving activity. What most people don’t realize is participating in shooting can improve your health both physically and mentally.

Here are the top 5 health reasons why you should consider a range outing today:

1. Discipline: Marksmanship takes both physical and mental discipline. By participating in firearm activities, you’ll have increased strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills that you can apply to many other things in your life.

2. Focus: To be successful on the range, you need to keep your eyes locked with the target while maneuvering your firearm. This forces you to remove your mind from other activities and be at ease with the present.

3. Strength: Shooting a gun requires a strong, steady arm that is able to support the weight of the firearm. In order to repeatedly hit the target, your body will build up natural muscle strength.

4. Personal Responsibility: Shooting sports cultivate personal responsibility by requiring the shooter to be aware of the surroundings and safety measures. Shooting can be an obviously dangerous activity, demanding the participant step up and claim responsibility for their personal safety and relation to others at the range.

5. Confidence: For many, finally holding a gun and hitting the target develops a formidable sense of personal confidence. Building confidence means an improved performance both on the range and off the range.

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